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Oh My Mahjong

Birdie Mahjong Tiles

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Introducing the Birdie Mahjong collection, inspired by the game's most eye-catching element - the vibrant blue and green Bird Bam! This set features a captivating interplay of navy, seafoam, and light blue tiles, guaranteed to turn heads at your next Mahjong night. Crafted from high-quality materials for lasting use, the Birdie line is perfect for players of all levels. Each set includes a complete set of 160 tiles, making it the ideal gift for Mahjong lovers or a luxurious upgrade for your game nights. So ditch the boring tiles and add a touch of elegance - Let's play Mahjong with the Birdie collection! Set includes Tiles, Dice/Coin Bag and 4 Instructional Cards (If playing American Mahjong, will need to purchase NMJL Playing Card separately.